The busy period of Selimiye only lasts for a couple of months. In order to experience the beauties of the village thoroughly, choosing a date for a trip besides these dates would be essential. A great pleasure and serenity could arise from the meeting of the sea and a lush settlement between the mountains. Although similar to the common shore towns of Aegean, the village offers many unique features.

For the places to visit in Marmaris, this settlement takes great part. Sightseeing in this area creates highly entertaining and relaxing memories. Initially, nature walks in the surrounding green hills accompanied by clean air is a must. The famous sea of Selimiye should be enjoyed definitely at least a couple of days of the vacation. The fish restaurants in the beach also create a good option for dinner. In the marina, there are daily yacht and boat tours as well as boat renting services available to choose from.

Selimiye is a pretty shore town in Marmaris, Muğla. Until a few years ago this area could only be visited by sailing and boat trips from nearby towns. Nowadays, there is also option to travel by car. There are many new hotels established in recent years, and the village becomes a travel destination for marine and beach tourism.

Selimiye village is 37 kilometers away from Marmaris. During its history, the town was popular with fishing and ship building. Many years without land access results with resident’s complete dependency to sea. Today even the source of income has changed, the area is still rejoicing in use of the benefits of the sea.